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Behrens 3208159 Screw Hook Mighty Mule FM132 Gate Push Button Control PUSH BUTTON WIRED NON-ILLUMNTD
Behrens Screw Hook, Behrens, Suitable For Use With: 1-5/8 in Gates, 5/8 X 6 in, Zinc Plated Wire this unit push-button directly to your gate opener for simple open/close/stop operation from up to 1000 ft (304.8 m) away. Uses 16 ga, multi-stranded, dual conductor. Low-voltage wire (RB509). The Ghost Controls push-button is a simple switch to operate the gate. This non-illuminated button easily connects with two wires to the main system controller to allow you to open, stop or close the gate opener. Requires low voltage wire to be purchased separately for installation.
Behrens 40113018 Adjustable Tubular Gate Hinge PIN CLEVIS LOCKING SOLID STEEL Behrens 40300019 Plated Gate Hinge
Behrens Gate Hinge, Adjustable, Tubular, Steel, Behrens, Suitable For Use With: 1-5/8 in Tube Gates, Fasteners: 5/8 in Screw and Bolt, Hot Dip Galvanized, Includes: Hardware This locking solid-steel clevis pin is designed to replace the standard clevis pin included in all ghost controls automatic gate opener kits. This locking pin allows any padlock with a shank up to 8 mm in diameter to be used to secure your automatic gate opener to the rear post mount. This is the same pin that is included in the ax2l and ax3l security kits. Behrens Gate Hinge, Heavy Duty, Plated, Behrens, Suitable For Use With: 3/4 X 12 in Bolt Hook, 2 in Overall Width, Hot Dip Galvanized
New Farm WA Quick Latch Gate Latch Behrens 42900038 Bolt Hook Behrens 40300029 Bolt Hook
New Farm Gate Latch, Quick Latch, Stainless Steel Spring, New Farm, Suitable For Use With: 1/4 in Coil Chain Behrens Bolt Hook, Behrens, Suitable For Use With: 1-5/8 in Gates, 5/8 X 12 in, Zinc Plated Behrens Bolt Hook, Behrens, Suitable For Use With: 2 in Gates, 3/4 X 12 in, Zinc Plated
Speeco S16100200 Gate Anchor KIT BRACKET PIVOT PUSH TO OPEN GTO FM133 Front Mount Pinlock
Speeco Gate Anchor, Speeco, Suitable For Use With: 1-3/4 - 2 in OD Round Tube Gates, Painted, Red The push-to-open adapter bracket kit includes two pivot brackets for the rear mount to use when installing a Ghost Controls gate opener system on a push-to-open application. Push-to-open applications are less commonly installed and require this additional hardware for proper clearance of the operator. The security pin lock helps provide security and peace of mind by preventing a gate opener arm from being removed or stolen and allowing unwanted access to the property. The pin lock substitutes for the clevis pin at the front end mount of all models of Mighty Mule swing gate openers and it does not allow the clevis pin to be removed from the gate without a key to the lock.
Mighty Mule FM150 Maintenance Free Replacement Battery TRANSMITTER DOOR OPENER 3 BTN BATTERY LEAD ACD SEALD 12V 7AH
This 12 V, 7.0 Ah, maintenance-free battery is the replacement or 2nd back-up battery for the FM500/FM502 Mighty Mule gate openers. Mighty Mule Door Opener, ABS, Includes: Battery The GHOST CONTROLS 12 V 7 A hour battery is designed for use in GHOST CONTROLS and other gate opener systems that utilize an internal battery design within the battery.
The Ghost Controls universal tube bracket kit is an ideal solution for easily mounting your gate opener front mount, AXZL ZombieLock or a variety of other things to a tubular or chain link gate or fence. The Ghost Controls three-button standard remote control can be used to operate up to two different gates (single or dual) with the same unit. A long-life lithium battery is included for your convenience. The GHOST CONTROLS three button water-resistant remote control can be used to operate any (single or dual) GHOST CONTROLS automatic gate opener system. This remote is water-resistant for use in outdoor environments. A long-life lithium battery is included for your convenience.
The Ghost Controls 5-Button Premium Remote Control can be used to operate up to 2 different gate opener systems (single and or dual) with the same unit and is programmed to enable/disable PartyMode, System Battery Level and VacationMode. A long-life lithium battery is included for your convenience. The GHOST CONTROLS Outdoor Mounting Pedestal is a convenient way mount your wireless keypad, water resistant transmitter or other accessory to almost any post. This bracket easily attaches to a post and then your accessory item (sold separately) attaches to this bracket. Once installed, this bracket allows easy access from your vehicle to gain access to the gate opener system. Ghost Controls Low Voltage Wire, Direct Burial, 16 ga Wire, 100 ft Length, 2 Conductors
This MMK200 digital keypad is designed for use with Mighty Mule automatic gate operators. The wireless digital keypad provides secure access to your property. It can be programmed to use up to twenty-five different personal identification number (PIN) codes. Ideal for entry or exit. The radio format provides unparalleled security with more than a million different codes. And code set up is simple add or remove codes for users in just a few steps. This 16 ga, multi-stranded, dual conductor low voltage wire can be used for installing an AC transformer, solar panel, wireless intercom/keypad or most other automatic gate opener accessories. This wire is UV treated and PVC coated and is rated for direct burial. However, GTO recommends running the wire through conduit or PVC pipe in order to protect it from the elements and ensure longer life for your wire. The Ghost Controls AXWK Premium Wireless Keypad is the superior gateway to your automatic gate opener system and provides unprecedented leading-edge control and features. This weatherproof outdoor keypad is more than just an access point for visitors to your home or property. The unique keypad design and special keys also provide the ability for you to activate or deactivate unique features for your system such as PartyMode, 1Key, PartyMode Secure, gate controller battery status and VacationMode. Our battery-powered keypad requires a remote transmitter to already be programmed into your system so that it can easily be ???learned??? into your gate controller. Once the  gate controller has ???learned??? your keypad, you can then easily access using dedicated keys, additional features not available on other competitor automatic gate opener keypads, like PartyMode, PartyMode Secure and VacationMode. For added convenience, the keypads are designed for direct installation on the AXGN Outdoor Mounting Pedestal or may be easily mounted to any flat wood or metal surface  such as a 4 x 4 in wood post with the included hardware pack. Some customers may choose to install a keypad on each side of the gate so that entry or exit from either direction can access a keypad to activate the gate opener system. The AXWK Wireless Keypad requires two (2) C batteries (not included) for operation. These batteries should be replaced on an annual basis in most installations for continued reliability throughout all seasons of the year.
GTO FM231 Driveway Alert KIT SOLAR PANEL WITH DIODE 10W Behrens 40130041 Utility Gate
The wireless driveway alarm alerts you when a vehicle enters or exits your property. When a vehicle passes the sensor, the indoor receiver emits a chime. It has a wireless range of 400 ft (121.9 m) and will not be activated by people, animals or wind. The indoor receiver can be mounted on a table or on the wall. Multiple indoor receivers (up to 3) can be added for more convenience. Detects moving vehicles and not a motion sensor. 10 W premium monocrystalline solar panel for your Ghost Controls automatic gate opener system or your coop controls automatic coop opener system. This monocrystalline solar panel easily connects into the control box to supply recharging power to the main system batteries. Three of these 10 W panels can be connected in parallel to your Ghost Controls automatic gate opener system to optimize available sunlight and maximize the time that power is being supplied to your system. Designed for tame animals, entrances to pastures and driveways, combines low cost and great features, finished with our premium powder-coated paint.
Behrens 40130061 Utility Gate Behrens 40113048 Utility Gate KIT BATTERY BOX W/2 BATT&HRNS
Behlen Country Utility Gate, Frame Tube/Channel Gauge: 20 ga, Red, Number of Rails: 6, 50 in H Gate, 70 in W Gate, Includes: Hinges, Screw Hooks and Snap Chain Latch Ideal for non-crowding applications such as pastures, field entrances and coastal or corrosive areas. Gates have galvanized finish with welded latch and 36 in chain included. The GHOST CONTROLS internal battery box allows you to conceal your batteries inside of a weather resistant box that is mounted to a post.
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